Chris Big Money’s Dope Ass Playlist of Friends and Penpals 2013 Tracks of the Year!



Every year, it is a tradition of mine to reflect on the year in music. I believe in supporting independent/unsigned music and sharing it with the world. Being a musician, I have had the opportunity to meet or interact with these people throughout 2013.

2013 marks the year I took the courage to pursue my dream of having a better/happier life and it taught me that sometimes you have to make sacrifices to find happiness. Moving to Austin Texas is something I had planned through and through and let the idea marinate for a long time. I was scared, I had nothing for me there except for what my internet research told me. I thought things would change radically for me when I arrived in town, but they haven’t which seems to be for the better. Getting back to the point of all this, I relied heavily on the internet to keep up with people in 2013. I never really feel truly alone behind a computer screen anymore. I have learned a lot from all of you, more justifiably through observing your posts and our interactions through social media. I feel lonely and frankly right now I feel as if I’m living merely to survive, but these songs have provided me with inspiration to keep making music, and to work towards the better tomorrow.

This list reflects 2013 for me in music, through the works of these individuals. I really put some thought into this list, avoiding “soundcloud throwaways” sticking to tracks made in 2013 which were released in a more serious manner. I constructed this playlist to sound like a compilation album, and the track order does not represent the order of favortism. Share this music with your friends and loved ones, for we spend too much time in our bedrooms making this lovely music for you.

I present to you, Chris Big Money’s favorite tracks of 2013! This playlist consists of friends of the streets and the internets. You all have inspired me, keep making music. Oh and be sure to say hi to each other. I wrote a more detailed description below in SoundCloud. This serves as the butter yo bread post which this will be written in as well.  Connect with their soundcloud pages and show em some love!!

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CLAWMAGGEDON!!!!!!!! Electric Type EP review (Feb 2013)



Electric Type’s 2013 EP takes us into a journey, deep into the nether realms of Crab Island, where the Zap Cannon and the Knuckle Duster are found deep within it’s treacheries.  The EP begins with a filthy bit crushed baseline, which seems like there was a pirate radio station broadcast from Crab Island.  Wait, that’s The Technopod!  (  Electric Type has spent much of his recent time broadcasting transmissions of some of the most unbeknownst techno tunes this side of the Crab Nebulae, alongside his quick witted, and occasional nihilistic partner in crime, Type Rider.  Obviously we are discussing the new E.T. release, however we cannot justify not mentioning the Technopod, which now obviously plays a large influence on the brand that is Electric Type.

First cut from the two track EP (Clawmageddon), released for free on Electric Type’s website (, is a slightly new approach to a formula that Electric Type has cast upon his listeners over his last few releases.  Here you will find more layering and synthesis than what you would normally expect, however this doesn’t deviate too much from what is found in older releases such as Shellfish or Supernova.  The track is more standard 4 minute affair, it does well to articulate Crab Island’s party life soundscapes, the dirtier the better.  I wouldn’t dare call this “maximal”, but it definitely envelopes you in a swirl of filthy bass, distorted noisy industrial/new wave style snare drums, and is much more involved than the “less is more approach” some are more accustomed to now a days.  You can’t help but want to yell CLAWMAGGEDON in a deep, guttural death metal growl.  Go ahead, you know you want to.

Knuckle Duster is a callback to the classic Electric Type sound, from the debut LP from ET, called “Style is Bright”.  Listen to a song called “Bed of Roses” from that LP and try to call bullshit on me.  A lot of robotic “chipomancy” going on here.  There is also some interesting play with delay effects found in the percussion and some tastefully degraded flanger sounds, thrown in for good measure.  Knuckle Duster is something you’ll be inclined to hear on The Technopod or possibly listed in the “Techno” section of DJ one-stop-shop websites like Beatport.  Knuckle Duster is a slower burn, there is indecipherable robotic vocals and a tendency to let the track play a little longer, kinda let it ride out you know.


I find Electric Type being more comfortable in his element than ever before.  The Technopod podcasts have slowly helped ET find a trademark sound, and have helped ET discover other electronic music contemporaries to build his musical style from.  Clawmageddon is the healthy balance of attempting new production techniques and building on a trademarked sound (emphasis on heart pounding kick drums and highly intricate electronic drum programming, slow moving bubonic bass riffs, and lots of beepy, bloopy crazy) that has taken several years to develop.  If you like this and want more, I would suggest subscribing to Electric Type’s weekly podcast “The Technopod”, where you’ll learn more of this “True Techno” movement, and what has given new life into Electric Type’s music and Crab Island.  Keep it crabby!

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Best Albums/Releases of 2012: Friends of Chris Big Money edition!

2012 has been an interesting year for me, your friendly internet pal Chris Big Money.  A real learning experience for me, and I believe I have finally started to come into my own with my musical identity.  I have always liked to take in a deep variety of musical observations and left winged musical expedition, even if I may contrast certain groups of people, it’s always observation I take in stride.  I realize more and more each year how involved of a choice it is to make music in today’s day and age.  I am also thankful to have discovered each of you through chance encounters with others.  It’s nice to see our paths cross.    

What you have here is a highly eclectic group of electronic musicians that I know in person or online, that I have associated with throughout the year.  Some of you I have partied with, some of you I have gotten to know better through our online interactions, and some of you I have known for while and watched you grow over your years of making music.  Presented together, we have a varied cast of varying electronic music styles/genres, which is how I like it.  You’ll find all kinds of music ranging from well calculated house music, warped anime inspired hip hop, ambient music, EDM, witty nerd core hip hop, ominous and sometimes forboding night time sound excursions, deeply thought out concept music, highly focused progressive-house, and a couple fun party music tracks.

I hope each of you mentioned in this post will take honor in being showcased in my year end review, I take inspiration from each of you.  Feel free to connect with one another too, each of you offer something to the table that I wish bring you much deserved recognition.  Whether you’re involved in a specific music scene or if you’re just simply trying to leave something for people to know you by, you’re in my best graces.  Cheers to all your hard work.  Let’s begin.

-Chris Big Money

In alphabetical order:

Appletrack- Thunderdome
Appletrack is a character I know through Dior Sentai, whom resides in Canada.  She makes very colorful and often avant grade flavored hip hop beats, which often intentionally don’t make sense directly.  I am paying attention to my buddies whom have released music in a body/album, and I think her effort “Thunderdome” deserves recognition.  I wish I would have done a review on this earlier, but late is better than never.  Each track being named thunder “something” really throws your head around wondering what’s to come next in a highly unpredictable whirlwind of thunder.  I hope miss track keeps releasing such joys like Thunderdome, it’s an honor to be a part of Dior Sentai with such talent around.  Keep up the babble rap.  😀

Benjamin Bear- Wizard
I have been an acquaintance of the nerd core hip hop scene for a few years thanks to the introduction from Quartz Relic of Magitek, whom I have worked a day job with for several years.  BBear is a witting and charming fellow who has profound wizard powers and is a sorcerer in Ableton Live amongst the arcane magicks subjected in his wizard raps.  BBear discovered me through some of my work I posted online and shared with Dior Sentai, I soon learn that BBear has been releasing various albums and tapes for years, either solo or as a part of the Emergency Pizza Party crew.  I’ve been enjoying your wizardry BBear, we aint got no time for no bitch azz magic right?  P.S.  Rammstein concerts rule.  

Damian Daviid- Towers of the Apocalypse Soundtrack
Damian has had an eventful 2012 year, being a DJ spinning the darker side of electronic music ranging from deep house/techno, witch house, and tastefully picked disco/electro.  Damian is also an accomplished pianist and producer of many years, whom I cite as someone who directly inspired me to begin my Chris Big Money project.  We go back to when I had my own studio apartment in my high school years, we have kept touch over the years and we attended Coachella 2008 together, a weekend where both of our very lives changed.  I have reviewed/remixed Double D, a couple of times.  This year outside of frequently uploading DJ sets and making people dance to his meticulously (D is so meticulous to paint his entire room black and scrape off the drips of paint from his room’s ceiling and paint it black!) curated selections of artful DJ mixes, Damian also took on a soundtrack assignment for the videogame “Towers of the Apocalypse.”  I was expecting an ambient soundtrack sort of deal, however the songs simply titled with letters, really showcase a more rhythmically pleasing and melodically grim soundtrack to a game which really seems like it could be the sign of the apocalypse.  He joins the ranks of electronic music legends like Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers whom have also made monumental film soundtracks.  I anxiously await the new Cellar Doves and Damian Daviid releases whenever they should surface.     

Dior Sentai- Sentai Knights
Working with Dior Sentai is quite an experience.  Being personally invited DS leader Toy Trains, I am honored to be a contributor of Dior Sentai’s mission to spread kawaii and create presence by assembling together in large numbers.  A widely spread out internet rap (but not strictly) crew of MC’s, visual artists, producers (including several highly talented female beat makers), and musically adventurous “weirdos”, you get no shortage of music.  Most members of Dior Sentai are highly active online, frequently releasing various mixtapes, albums, beattapes, and more.   Frankly, all the DS crew are very entertaining/connected tweeters who understand social media and their wits really make logging into Facebook/Twitter a fun thing to do.  If you’re into warped, often highly experimental hip hop music with a forward thinking aesthetic, an overt fondness of cats, and some clever one-liners, then Dior Sentai maybe for you.  I have three tracks on their 2012 compilation Sentai Knights, all exclusives to Dior Sentai.

Electric Type- The Ghost In The TV, Supernova, ARC 017, E.T.
I have known Electric Type since the tail end of the myspace days, where I contacted him after seeing a post he made online.  I’m happy I did!  Me and E.T. have watched each other consistently release music over the years (I have remixed him 3 times) and I finally bought a plane ticket to Pittsburgh, PA to meet the Electric One after he invited me to a Triple Threat show with Sachem Orenda and ServersDown, both mentioned in this post.  While E.T. isn’t playing minecraft or training pokemon or making his own unique brand of techno, he’s either working on his novel (yeah he’s writing a book!), or doing his weekly podcast “The Technopod” with Type Rider talking about independent video games, techno (DrumCode releases particularly), and scouring Beatport for more techno tunes.  Bottom line, E.T. stays busy.  It’s an honor getting to finally meet my friend of 3 years, he’s a huge Chris Big Money supporter and he even introduced me to Luke Bredin whom I have hired to mix/master my last two releases being 2011’s “Ultra Sinewaves EP”, and 2012’s “Money Beats.” 

Download Electric  Type’s albums (all free!) here:

Marcus Var- From Within
Marcus is a funny guy and an individual I know through a mutual friend I have played some gigs (in the rock band Love Destruction) with and occasionally go to shows with.  Around the beginning of 2012, right when I went on vacation to St Petersburg in January, I started getting a barrage of text messages from Var the Ninja.  Some people would change their numbers or block him online, however I think it’s nice to have someone to talk to at odd hours of the night.  I don’t have to walk on eggshells around Marcus, and that’s a really good thing to have around, so of course I’m going to support my friend.  Var has actually been making electronic music on his Korg Trinity keyboard since the 90s.  Marcus also assists me in my music videos often, we have three video collaborations to date.  Around the latter end of the year, I took the opportunity to help Marcus release his long forgotten tunes of yesterday onto the internet in a seamless presentation which became his first album release, a double album entitled “From Within.”  The music itself leans itself towards ambient/piano driven downtempo music, which I used to overall vibe of the music to sculpt From Within.  He had given to me his highly treasured discs of his music (the only remaining copies of his songs at the time), trusting me not to lose them.  So, I presented him From Within about 2 weeks later, and give him back his CDs.  Marcus also likes to frequently share his favorite EDM, rock and pop videos to his Facebook friends.  His enthusiasm and support is infectious, we even got to meet M83 after lurking around their tour bus for a few hours after their show, an art that has literally died out today.  Ninja starz dawgs.

MC Wreckshin- Dubstep Is Magic
I have seen Wreckshin perform around my city of Orlando for years, however the birdcore didn’t hit me until I started partying with him and his roommate Jeff MK later this year.  Always a good time on a Saturday night over there.  Wreckshin is quite a fearless bird warrior, he often raps about bath salt zombies, bowling, shining shoes, Worms Armageddon, and how is the emperor of dubstep.  His lyrics are very clever and very nerdy, which are very delightful, silly, and most importantly very entertaining to listen to.  His live shows are also quite engaging, nowhere else can you get the second best, he’s a staple to Orlando’s enterprising Nerdcore scene.  He’s also recognized as the “2nd best rap artist” in Orlando Weekly!  I downloaded “The Second Best Mixtape Ever” a couple years back to discover one of the most hilarious songs I have ever heard, being boldly titled “Show Me How To Blow Dudes.”  Now I wanna do the birdcore dance.  🙂

Download here:


The Prince of Space- Nox Urget
Sebastian is an individual I met through Damian Daviid, when I visited Providence, Rhode Island to see Sacred Objects (one of Damian’s monikers).  Sebastian is a talented producer/MC whom is sometimes abrasive but very earnest in what he does.  His lyrical delivery reminds me often of Mike D of the Beastie Boys, but don’t tell him I told you that.  Musically he is a bit eclectic however his release which struck me the most this year is Nox Urget.  The story behind Nox Urget is even more striking.  Intended to be a full on beats/lyrics record, Sebastian apparently lost his vocal takes originally from the record (from what I remember him saying), and decided to release Nox Urget as an instrumental piece.  It became a happy accident of sorts where the forboding darkness which shrouds Nox Urget became very fitting for late night driving on a chilly night.  It’s so dark it doesn’t even seem appropriate to listen Nox Urget on a rainy day, it is very strictly a night time record.  Sometimes this kind of focus makes things for the better, I look forward to more Prince of Space in the future.  It was really fun to hang out with the Prince when he took a trip with his family to Orlando in the summer this year.  Cheers mate!  NOX!


Sachem Orenda- Apology for Popular Music and the Nihilistic Demiurge
Sachem is the kinda guy who puts a lot of thought into what he does with his music.  Inspired by legendary industrial musicians such as Tim Skold and Martin Gore, Sachem often tackles philosophy, existentialism, and a little bit of hedonism in his lyrics and world music with his works.  Sachem also is well seasoned in programming beats and playing live guitars.  I was asked by him to write a review of his album before it’s release and I gotta say.  It was a very involved job to create a review for such a mind boggling record.  Why would someone apologize for popular music?  Sachem’s style and vocal approach can take some getting used to but it’s also a real grower, I enjoy Sachem Orenda’s observations quite often.  I got to meet Sachem as a part of the Triple Threat show back in September in PA.  I’ll say this, the dude is fucking PRESIDENTIAL.  


ServersDown- Future Times Four
Brian is someone I got to meet when visiting Pittsburgh this year (Triple Threat).  We have gotten to learn more of each other through our sometimes involved conversations on twitter, our exchanges over this year’s presidential election really stirred up thoughts/opinions at least on my end.  However, we have both acknowledged that we may not agree on politics, we are both strong and mature enough to show good gestures of sportsmanship, which is something I highly cherish and respect.  Musically, I view ServersDown as a genius.  His music is very peaceful and amazing to listen to at an airport.  Future Times Four is a very focused EP (apparently it’s his first EP too!), which I have listened to frequently since September.  The selection of moody soft synths, mellow basslines, calculated drum programming, and washes of cloudy sounding reverb really make this a approachable record for the skies.  It’s focus is quite consistent, and I believe it’s a strength I wish I possessed a little more at times.  Definitely for fans of producers like Avicii, Kaskade or Calvin Harris, I think anyone who likes a mellow four to the floor action will dig ServersDown.  I want to hear Future Times Eight now, keep those servers up man.

itunes link:

Xovos- Xalted
I played a show with Xovos around April while I was enjoying my last week as a student at the University of Central Florida.  Xovos specializes in mind-twisting dubstep/industrial with a flair for the color black.  He is also the “Archangel of Electronica”  His drops are very beefy and nasty, but there is also a very delicate classical twist to ambience found on tracks like “Doleful Droll.”  You can also see Xovos frequently doing videos for his songs, he’s an avid fan of Dexter and even has a video inspired by the tv show.  Xovos also isn’t afraid to lend his own vocals to his productions, they are often very whisper-y and a bit withdrawn in a very flavorful way.  Kind of like Chino Moreno (particularly on the song “Xalted”), in his darkest of times.  I seem to connect well with musicians that have a fondness of black and darkness, and I don’t mind this one bit.  Good to have you around Xovos!

Albums from people I don’t know personally that I liked this year or records I listened to at least more than once this year.  Thanks Spotify!  (some are old albums but recent discoveries for me)
Death Grips- The Money Store + Exmilitary + No Love Deep Web
Purity Ring- Shrines
Com Truise- In Decay
Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures + Closer
New Order- Technique + Power, Corruption & Lies
Sleigh Bells- Reign of Terror
Beach House- Bloom
Frank Ocean- Channel Orange
Kendrick Lamar- Good Kid, m.a.A.d City
The Weeknd- Trilogy
Twin Shadow- Confess
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs- Trouble
Paul Van Dyk- Evolution
A$AP Rocky- Live, Love, A$AP
Knife Party- No Modern Talking
Deadmau5- < album titles goes here >
Steve Aoki- Wonderland
LMFAO- Sorry for Party Rocking
Kaskade- Fire and Ice
Die Antwoord- Ten$ion
Das Racist- Relax
Chairlift- Something
Bat For Lashes- The Haunted Man
Crystal Castles- III
Matthew Dear- Beams
Dan Deacon- America
The XX- Coexist
Of Monsters and Men- My Head is an Animal
Miniature Tigers- Mia Pharaoh
Dirty Sanchez- Dirty Sanchez
Kyarypamyupamyu- pamyupamyurevolution
Perfume- JPN
Captain Murphy- Duality
Lana Del Rey- Born To Die

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RELEASE DATE 11/06/2012, right on Election Day!

This election is all about money anyways, so BAM!  Dropping Money Beats on 11/06/12, just in time for deciding your new world leader in the polls.  I started writing this album back in December 2011, and I had it mastered by Luke Bredin of SPM Soundtracks, who worked on my 2011 Ultra Sinewaves EP.


Album will be on all commercial digital album mediums, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, Rdio, Bandcamp etc.  I will also have a barter exchange where if you write a 100 word review of the album, or a song from the record, you will get a private link to the album for free on release day.

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Sachem Orenda – Apology for Popular Music and the Nihilistic Demiurge Album Review

It is very difficult now a days to combine rhythm-driven electronic dance music with sophisticated self analytical lyricism now a days. With songs focusing on the strength of a single versus the merit of album based music being in mainstream rotation today, artists have become pigeon holed into “either doing it for the retail, or doing it for the love of music itself.”

APMND (Apology for Popular Music and the Nihilistic Demiurge), is 2 year plus effort made by artist Sachem Orenda to create a truly sincere extension of himself and his musical influences. You can hear traces of industrial (NIN especially) along with some dance and hip hop music (I would even go as far as citing witch house) however Orenda combines a controlled and calculated aesthetic of world/international music using acoustic/electric guitar work along with eastern Indian chord progressions, heavy metal, synth pop, “dream infused industrial reggae” and other musings from what would come from a well cultured and absorbed musical student. On record, he juxtaposes these contrasting genres with nearly trademarked dystopian lyrics (this is his third album), alternations of major and minor key synth progressions and occasional sonic dissonance.

Honesty (a stand out track from APMND) upon first listen sounds almost like a fun and silly rock n roll club anthem, in efforts to seduce a female in a very melancholy way. However looking deeper into the lyrics which are readily readable on Sachem Orenda’s website (, the song explores feelings and emotions of what hints to be a breakup, or loss of affection in a previous relationship and the thought process of hopefulness which comes after a recent breakup or the possibility of rekindling a lost friendship.

Quoting Sachem’s blog (

“On this instance of Orenda, my genre shifts anywhere from African and Indian inspired hip/hop to avant-garde electro pop or even an unimaginable concentration of industrial reggae that came to me in a dream. Thematically, we venture through the Demiurge concept, the purpose of an Apology, the expectations of society against dissidents, the objectification of men and women, and much more. I offer these 6 focal points in order to solve my cryptic puzzle of lyrics:”

1. Johann is a liar
2. The Demiurge, a product of
3. Orwell’s lunacy
4. I will be condemned, not unlike Socrates
5. Post-modern version of peace
6. If I succumb, this nihilist runs

Lyrically, Sachem has created a concept of thinking in a mentally post-dystopian sense exploring the ramifications of a post music video era MTV where popular culture has encouraged condemnation of complex ideas in favor of simpler ones designed for mass appeal, objectifying people into sexual paradigms, and the past dichotomy of Socratic philosophical teaching and the legacy or lack thereof that his words have left upon modern society. Classical philosophy and post-modernism plays a larger part of Orenda’s writing scheme and concept on APMND.

Lyrically, the songs have very deep and intellectual take aways to them speaking in plain english. Sachem Orenda’s own sound reminisces in post 80s synthesizer rock n roll right around 1990, the year before Nirvana and grunge rock gave angry basement driven 17 year old boys an outlet to reveal to the entire world. Apology for Popular Music and the Nihilistic Demiurge is a 46 minute glimpse into a post-digital world where people are empowered to create their whole universe of experiences and expectations which evolve from those same experiences which have been reflected upon in the creator’s own revelation of being.

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All Roads Lead to Austin Texas Baby!!

I’m moving to Austin Texas in September.

Recently, I made a post about wanting to relocate from Orlando. I did not disclose the location publicly at the time. Well, I have chosen to move to Austin Texas in September. It is a perfect place for someone with my interests of living in a place where there is great cultural diversity with a small town feel, which is not what Orlando seeks to be. Austin is a place with a lot of musical history, there is even a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan in their city. There are lots of little niche places, venues, stores, parks, and clubs where a young artist can develop, grow, and thrive which is what I am seeking. I like the little things in life, I believe the smallest details make the biggest differences. I never achieved the level of creative camaraderie I seek here in Orlando, I feel I can take the lessons I learned in Orlando and apply them in a new city. While I truly enjoy the friendship and company of those I still associate with, I believe that destiny is filled with choices only you can make. This announcement will be a surprise to some, and to my friends I talk to outside of Facebook this is not anything new, just making things more official.

Last post, I focused on the things driving me away from my new “hometown” (If I went back to Bolingbrook IL, I would not remember how to get around, and I’m sure all my elementary school buddies have forgotten me), but now I will focus on the opportunities that have attracted me to this town. This is all according to my research I have done on the internet, asking friends that have also recently moved there, and emailing people who currently live in the city now.

  • Obviously, the big elephant. The music and arts scene here is thriving. There are shows everyday, and including daytime and nighttime ones.
  • There are numerous venues, and people seem to have a great sense of community here. It’s “The Live Music Capital of the World”
  • Austin is a cultural hub.
  • The city has a low unemployment rate and cost of living is quite cheap, especially in comparison to LA or New York.
  • Lots of companies like Dell and Whole Foods are based here. Also lots of startup companies are born here too.
  • I like hot weather, I visited Rhode Island about 4 years ago in the winter, and everyone was down because of the snow. I don’t like snow anymore.
  • There isn’t such a high humidity here, so that means I won’t be sweating bullets when I go outside.
  • Austin is a liberal city, in a traditionally conservative state.
  • “Keep Austin Weird” google it.
  • There are really unique places like “Switched On” which is a store which sells vintage analog electronic music instruments, and helps fellow electronic musicians in Austin. I also heard they do Ableton Live workshops… this is really amazing sounding.
  • There is an arcade called “Pinballz” too, which has old pinball machines and retro/classic games.
  • Alamo is a movie theatre that shows old movies on the cheap all the time, especially cult classics and movie marathons.
  • You ever watch Austin City Limits on PBS? It’s filmed here.
  • If you’ve noticed, I am a total sucker for nostalgia, and I think Austin caters well to this little fetish of mine.
  • 6th Street seems like a bitchin’ place to party.
  • The EDM scene is growing here too, I found lots of clubs where great dance music DJ’s come to town.
  • Orlando is apparently, the third most dangerous city to live in in the United States according to a 2011 post made by US News.
  • People are accepting of vegetarians, gays, freaks, eccentrics, starving artists, and generally unique people. Orlando citizens still kind of get startled or feel indifferent when “different people” are around them.
  • University of Texas is here. Go Longhorns! It also seems like a great place to go to grad school, should I choose to do so.
  • About 40 percent of people here hold a Bachelor’s Degree, which is well above average.
  • BIKE TRAILS! Apparently there are also bike lanes everywhere.
  • Austin is a great outdoor city, I have read it is America’s “3rd fittest city.” I wanna have a more physically active lifestyle, so this is really great to hear.
  • There are giant parks, national parks and hills to go hiking on… and best of all THERE ARE CAVES!!!!! I really wanna go explore some caves and go cave diving.
  • A lot of the music I listen to, sounds like it was recorded in a cave with all the reverb on it anyways. lol.
  • You like bats? There are hundred of bats that fly under the Congress bridge at night. It’s kinda cool to see.
  • There is also plenty of free wifi access to be found within the city. Many tech companies are based out here in Austin too.
  • We can’t ignore SXSW (South by Southwest) which is an annual event in March which attracts hundreds of thousands to the city, to see cutting edge entertainment and technology before anyone else.
  • There are lots of smaller festivals too. Austin City Limits Festival is also happening around the time I plan to travel to Austin.
  • I just wanna be a stranger again lol. I like changes in scenery.
  • “The Dream of the 90s is still alive in Austin, not just Portland lol”
  • A lot of places like Austin have experienced gentrification, however I feel like Austin has still held onto it’s unique identity over time.
  • I got a free magazine from which gives me a deep and insightful look into how the city is doing. Just shows how much Austin cares about it’s citizens.
  • Sandra Bullock, Lance Armstrong, Robert Rodriguez, and Nelly (the rapper), are residents of this city.
  • The alternative music scene in Austin is more widely accepted by the people here. In Orlando, it is too exclusive and hard to break into, which has been a problem I have encountered in Orlando.
  • Maybe I wanna get involved in playing in a band or taking part in some musical collective. I need to meet other like minded people, point blank.
  • Nearly all the bands/artists I listen to play shows here. A lot of touring acts skip Orlando b/c of curfew laws and low show attendance from Orlando residents.
  • I’m not looking to fall in love, I am looking to leave a legacy and to inspire people.
  • I am sure there are a lot of other reasons I could post if I took more time to remember. Maybe the city will be as good as I am painting it out to be, or be a total disappointment. The excitement of seeing a new city alone with worth it to me. People think I’m crazy for wanting to move to a new city where I don’t already know people at or have a history with. All I’m gonna say there is YOLO, which in my opinion is a great decision making word. I am typing this up on a cloudy 4th of July afternoon and revising the morning after, where I found myself spending over $40 to ride a taxicab home from a party last night, not because the people were bad, but because I felt out of place. Like I found my calling or something. I have chosen a tough life for sure, but I feel it is what I am most content and happiest doing. Before I decided to become an artist/musician, I felt there was an empty hole on my life needing to be filled. Now 5 years later, I take it so seriously, I’m willing to relocate to another city primarily because of it.

    Finding work and a place to live, will be the biggest hurdles I will encounter in September. I have typically been very fearful of losing my jobs because of long time intervals looking for new jobs that I have suffered in the past. From obtaining more work experience, especially with the sales experiences (I have worked nearly 4 years at my current inbound/outbound telephone sales job, consistently landing high sales numbers) acquired from my current place of employment and a more mature outlook on life (especially in regards to personal appearance) I am not as fearful as I used to be about this. I want to grow and develop, which is my number one reason for heading out of Orlando. I need to focus on the opportunities ahead, instead of running away from all the negatives I have been “butthurt” about over the last several years. I thank Damian Daviid for that one. My friend Quartz Relic summed it up as, “You’re not gaining much experience in these dungeons anymore, you’re tired of these same walls, these same foes, and these same bosses.” Being a casual RPG game player, I believe this is excellent advice to be given, I’m sure anyone who is playing Diablo III right now, is ripping through dungeons left and right. Frankly, it is time to move on.

    I wanna thank everyone for reading this post. I would still like to maintain connections with all of you. A lot of you are great people that I have learned much from and spent time with. You should seriously, come visit me in Texas one day. Hopefully I’ll have a place where I can put you up while you explore the city and what has attracted me here. Keep Chris Big Money weird!!! hahaha. Thanks!

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    Reasons I am moving out of Orlando.

    Yup. Reasons I am moving out of Orlando:

    • Orlando caters too much to tourism. I fucking hate Mickey Mouse.
    • Walt Disney World does not exist to me anymore.
    • I do not want to see people I used to know around town anymore.
    • I don’t like living in a city where criminal court cases become sensationalized media circuses. That’s nothing to be proud of.
    • My current place of employment is emotionally destroying me
    • I feel like I (Chris Big Money) am not a good fit for Orlando’s music scene.
    • People do not go to shows out here, or if they do, they only stick to venues they know. Where’s the sense of adventure people?
    • I don’t do well with cliques, which is what Orlando’s infrastructure is composed of. Whether you’re a small outcasted bar-hopping musician (me), or whether you’re living in 57 West.
    • You have to “rub elbows and be willing to give the promoter/venue booking agent a blow job” to get shows out here. The same people get booked in the DJ scene out here, or it’s the same three types of music you hear at the clubs.
    • The night clubs here are horrible. Especially if you’re into the indie/alternative scene.
    • I’m sorry, but I hate BBQ Bar. (I’m fine with the other 3 clubs in that quadrant)
    • “It’s either you dress in casual clothes in swanky upscale clubs or you look like you’re homeless but in reality you drive a late 2000’s car and you live in a house in Downtown.”
    • There isn’t enough artsiness in Orlando, which is kind of important to me.
    • Why did the city spend millions (wasn’t it near a billion) on a new arena (Amway Center), when kids can’t even wipe their asses since toilet paper is on not on the school budget?
    • Also going to the Amway Center is NOT CHEAP. (I spent $300 to see Lady Gaga last year there)
    • Things are segregated here in Orlando.
    • I would feel more motivated with a new geography around me.
    • I want to make new friends with my own similar interests. It is a very daunting task to find friends in Orlando now a days.
    • The job market in Orlando is terrible.
    • I want to be in a place where people embrace small businesses
    • I want to live in a city that doesn’t laugh at you for wanting to be a musician.
    • The after-hours scene in Orlando just simply sucks. I have become a “night-owl” over the years, but I still have to force myself to go to bed at 4am (sometimes 2 am, and never before midnight) because there is nowhere to go.
    • I feel there is a huge barrier with people here in Orlando. Socially, culturally, financially, even racially. People are very ignorant and stupid here in Orlando.
    • Look at the different neighborhoods in Orlando (UCF, Pine Hills, Baldwin Park, Celebration, MetroWest, OBT, etc.) and see how divided everything is, especially with people. Segregation people.
      People with niche hobbies in Orlando are forced to go to other cities, which is terrible.
    • Orlando is so conservative in nature. I get stared at almost everywhere I go, even when I have toned down my dress/appearance considerably over the years.
    • The city is too spread out and it’s public transportation is shit if you don’t drive a car. (I spent many years riding the LYNX before I was driving)
    • The UCF side of town (where I currently live), is too “fratty” for my taste, and is also becoming a victim to gentrification (they are closing down some of the top bars/clubs in the area to build housing for a growing student population.)
    • People from UCF look at everything in their own little worlds, most of them come from other states/cities anyways.
    • Downtown Orlando in the day time is a fucking ghost town.
    • I am SICK of outdoor shopping malls being a primary draw for people to hang out at.
    • Once again, the only form of culture I see in Orlando is when people from other places come to Orlando b/c of Disney and the theme parks I cannot afford. (Yeah, people here buy annual passes or have hookups with people who work for those places.)
    • I’m a fucking city kid, and Orlando is very suburban.
    • I will miss the beach though, but before I was driving I spent years in Orlando without going to a beach even once.
    • I do like warm weather year round, but it isn’t enough to ball and chain me here in Orlando.
    • People still go DERP whenever I ask/talk about vegetarian food.
    • If you don’t have money, then do not expect to find a girlfriend fellas. Especially in O-Town. (I am talking from a bigger picture consensus, I know a lot of you non gold digging ladies exist in small amounts.)
    • In general it is hard to get anywhere with people in Orlando if you don’t already have a proven track record. It is difficult to start something organically in this town.
    • I’m going to say it. Orlando is fucking ghetto.
    • I’m trying to think of more things to list, and granted if I lived a different lifestyle, I am sure there would be. Basically what I am saying here, is that YES a city’s local music scene is CRITICALLY important to me, since that is what I spend the majority of my time doing. I frequent clubs and concerts at night, I do not attend house parties, nor do I go on weekend fishing trips. To some of you, this will sound like first world problems, but to people who do the same things I do, then you will probably relate to this in some way. (Go back to your country clubs/driving ranges or go walk your poodle if you disagree, my existence is not of importance to you.) I would love to hear from the few of you who may have actually found solace in some of the places I have indirectly condemned with this post. I understand pretentiousness exists in all corner’s of the world or that I am possibly labeling people too much, but it isn’t me who initially thinks this way. Other people (especially considering my nightlife-centric lifestyle) pigeonhole people into these categories, not me. Basically, you’re either dressed to the nines or you’re a homeless hipster here in O-Town. Even the ragers that wear similar styles as myself typically go to the “dressed to the nines” clubs I don’t belong in.

      Orlando is an ok place to VISIT, but not to LIVE. I want to be somewhere that is less concerned with the homogenization and the temporarity of people coming and going, and somewhere that actually cares about it’s townspeople. Somewhere you can actually get a start on life.

      I haven’t announced yet where I am planning to relocate to in August, but I would LOVE to hear your feedback on this. It’s Saturday afternoon with me typing all this, so I’m sure there may have been a few things I have forgotten.

      hahahaah, this is funny.


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    Kyarypamyupamyu- “pamyupamyurevolution” JPop Album Review


    The world noticed Kyary after her PONPONPON became a viral smash YouTube and Facebook.  To describe the PONPONPON video, is to describe a rainbow explosion of colors and in your face visuals that are only found on the worst of acid trips.  It is not uncommon to find talking onions, painted guns shooting out candy, unicorns, an smorgasborg of various fruits, healthy things, and purple colored people just to name a few.  This pairing of eccentric fashion and the forward thinking work ethics Japan is known for make Kyary quite an eyesore for many, however a refreshing one.  Words like “Harajuku” and “Kawaii” are almost second nature, never being a wrong fit for the over the top clothing and personality of young Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.  Her crazy outfits and bubblegum pop make her comparable to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or the French Yelle but with a distinct Japanese flavor.  It is pleasing to say her ways of “kawaii” are quite intoxicating as they are invigorating and refreshing.  


    The album being produced by Yasutaka Nakata (known for working with other Japanese pop artists, particularly Perfume and Capsule) has created a very kitsch, and delightfully tacky album of catchy pop tart flavored dance music where anything could be possible when you think about how to visualize this music.  Kyary, an 18 year old model, actress, and singer has broken into the internet music waves after her debut full length album “pamyupamyurevolution” hits stores in over 51 different countries including her home in Japan.    


    Music videos are an important piece of promotion for a new artist like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.  Without the success of her videos (the other two being Candy Candy and tsukema tsukeru) many people overseers would be unfamiliar with this at times cheesy yet entertaining personality.  Upon writing this review, the album is the number one album in the U.S. iTunes Electronic Album Charts, which is a very impressive feat, even outranking heavy weights like Bassnectar in the process.

    The album “pamyupamyurevolution” is one where the dance music is standard JPop fare, where Euro influence has been dominant in current Japanese dance music for sometime, however the album expands on the idea of the celebrity and the fashion that is Kyary.  It is contemporary, but also very 90’s.  You could easily fit Barbie Girl (from europop group Aqua) in a playlist with Kyary very easily.  It’s an album where you wouldn’t be surprised if it came with a small box of pocky sticks or other kawaii things.  Some of Nakata’s other productions are more futuristic in fare, however pamyupamyurevolution is quite happy being in the present time, and concerning itself with nothing else.  Everything is happy in Kyary’s world, and she accepts no substitutes.  Listen to the singles (PONPONPON, Candy Candy, and Tsukema Tsukeru), and if you like those then try taking on the whole album, which has a similar flair, but takes on its own eccentric, childish, and intoxicating personality as a whole.  Japan may have found it’s own fashion martyr and patron saint of all things cute and bubbly with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.  Maybe now is the time for the thunder of the far eastern lands to start to influence the modern west world, hopefully the ride is as entertaining as it is visually exciting.  Candy Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Sweetie, Sweetie, Girls Love, Chewing Chewing, Candy Land.  


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    Hologram Tupac Poses Questions for Future Music Tours.

    The annual Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival held at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA is always groundbreaking in every year. The 2012 installment (the second installment of this two weekend festival continues this upcoming weekend) makes no exception. Sunday night headliners, gangsta rap icons Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg brought out some big guns, so revoke the classic golden era of 90’s gangsta rap with guest appearances from 50 Cent, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Kurupt, just to name a few. However, the biggest surprise of all turns out to be a shocking rendition of a holographic resurrection of the murdered rapper Tupac Shakur, whom seems still as relevant now as he was right before his death in 1996.

    Upon entrance, using the bells from “Hail Mary” the rapper known as Makeveli emerges in a near prophetic expose, his performance of Hail Mary being quite riveting in itself. Once Snoop Dogg got onstage for the familiar “2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted” Hologram Tupac dishes out the line “Aint Nuthin’ But A Gangsta Party” and the tune becomes a nostalgic party anthem for this epic 90s gangsta rap throwback at Coachella 2012. Apparently Tupac’s ghost “was able to rock a mic better than the real Snoop Dogg”, the holographers used movements used from footage of Tupac’s live shows before his slaying in 1996. The festival crowd and online onlookers has since responded in astonishing numbers since Sunday.

    “Holo Pac” became one of the most Googled phrases Monday and social media went a blaze with this news of the “Second Coming” of Tupac Shakur, whom some people believe faked his death in order to escape the spotlight. The name “Makaveli” which was an alias used on his final studio album references Niccolò Machiavelli, a philosopher who writes “a book about someone who fakes his own death to get rid of his enemies.” This is also one of the main reasons why people think Tupac is still alive, much like theories about how Elvis Presley is still alive. The next day on Facebook, the video went viral, being shared by many people and many comments like “Where’s a Biggie hologram?,” “F*** Yolo” and speculation about a whole tour featuring “HoloPac” have been found in news articles and user comments online. An article in Wall Street Journal talked about how Dr Dre spent $100,000 to hire Oscar winning special effects studio “Digital Domain”, whom are the same people who worked on James Cameron’s “Titanic” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” w/ Brad Pitt. Essentially, according the Wall Street Journal, the image was projected onto the stage (from the top of the stage) using a reflective piece of Mylar plastic (on the stage floor), which allowed the performers to walk in front of and behind the image. There is much speculation over whether “Holopac” will arrive at this upcoming weekend’s Coachella weekend 2 event, or if this tour would actually happen. There is even a Twitter account tweeting on behalf of Holgram Tupac, even leaving off from 1996.

    Would people really pay for a holographic tour? Is this just a way for an ailing music industry to make money off of dead celebrities that have stood the test of time? Will we see a reunited Doors tour with a holographic Jim Morrison? A Michael Jackson hologram tour? Beatles reunion? Nirvana? The list goes on. Critics have mentioned while the technology was cool for the moment, especially for the timing of Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg’s 90’s gangsta rap throwback concert, however the critics have said that the technology should be used sparingly. This technology is not entirely new, the Gorillaz and Madonna have used hologram performers before at the Grammy’s a few years ago. Like 3D movies in movie theaters, this technology could become tired once people get used to seeing holograms at concerts and eventually grow tired of it. Also, could this be bastardizing a dead musician’s discography, or using their likeliness without their consent? Would it be a violation of copyrights since Tupac hasn’t been dead for 70 years yet? A lot of questions remain about this new technology and it’s potential possibilities and pitfalls.

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    Nike’s #MakeItCount Video

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I know Butter Yo Bread is primarily an entertainment/music blog however I felt this this story was so inspirational and relevant to what Butter Yo Bread is supposed to stand for, that I would do a post about this great video which has rightfully gone viral. Enjoy!

    Casey Neistat and Max Joseph were recently hired by athletic giants, Nike to create a commercial for Nike’s new “FuelBand” product. Essentially, Nike’s “FuelBand” is a performance tracker for people that like to run and put their bodies through the ringer and such. The idea behind the story is preposterous at first; however it does start to make more sense. Neistat and Joseph, whom already have history making videos for Nike (Make It Count being their third), were given a full advertising budget from Nike to make a commercial. The incredible part about this whole opportunity is what happens afterwards.

    Nike was expecting the film directing editing duo to buckle down in a studio to create a commercial. Not a problem. However, when two people are given this kind of money that average persons will probably never see in their lifetimes, what is one to do? The two decide to take the money and travel the world on a whim! BOOM! Just like that, Max and Casey are flying around on airplanes, determined to “Make It Count.” The pair racked up about 34,000 miles in three continents, 13 countries and they visited 16 cities. This spontaneous world adventure has become 4 and a half minute long video travel diary that has gone viral, being seen by 1.5 million people in just two days.

    The trip was not met without its pitfalls. Being such a spontaneous decision, the team decided to travel light, only carrying socks and underwear with their expensive camera equipment. The rule of thumb for our travelers was to be able to have both hands free, so they could constantly shoot the video. Also, there were some problems along the way, where in Egypt (one of the visited countries); tourism has been in decline since the revolution of 2011, although the Egyptians seemed to be happy that tourists were visiting their country. The Pyramids at Giza were almost abandoned for the first time in 50 years and there was the danger of kidnapping by dangerous people in Tahrir Square (the site of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution) when Max and Casey attempted to get a video shot.

    The flights themselves were quite scattered with some visits in cities only being about 6 hours in length, to several being considerably longer. There is a part in the video which features a cliff dive into a sinkhole in Oman (an Arab country), which our videographers were so animate about getting this one shot that they were willing to travel around the world for it. Although the people with their goats in Oman spoke no English, Max and Casey got their cliff diving shot and time quickly was running out. One of the film clips that were edited out of the final 4 and a half minute video was an argument with an elephant trainer about doing a backflip off an elephant’s trunk in Thailand, which may quite possibly be one of the most ridiculous arguments documented in a blog post. Also, let’s not forget the “bikini girls” whom apparently did not speak any English, but did not mind being in a video.

    Albeit, warding off kidnappers, constantly being jet-lagged and only given time to sleep on 13 hour coach airplane flights, the trip definitely “makes it count.” “It cost a lot of money” is what the video creators are telling the internet right now, when people ask how much money was given to them by Nike. Max Joseph and Casey Neistat are claiming they have shot enough footage to make 10 feature length films, which considering the wide variety of locations (both urban and exotic), this could be a true claim. The video has created a lot of viral reach, garnering over a million views within 30 hours of it being uploaded on YouTube, and the video has created a lot of chatter in the blogosphere, especially amongst opinion leaders on CNN and Mashable. Make It Count tells a story and builds a connection with people, people all over the world, which I believe makes the successful video projects. People want this sort of connection more than superior image quality or having big names attached to a project. Nike has only been impressed about the viral reach the video has gotten and for good reason. I think this video really captures the idea of “making it count” in a very direct and literal way, which makes for a great inspirational YouTube video. “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.”- Mae West.

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