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Condescending Wonka: An Brief Analysis of The Internet Meme and Its Uses.

“Internet memes” in today’s popular culture are identified as images/macros with text paired with them to create a humorous effect. Originally, these “memes” originated as exclusive images and inside jokes to internet geeks and those friendly with the various lingo … Continue reading

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Pinterest is a new social network which has recently become popular all over the internet and is claiming to be one of the fastest growing sties online. With a demographic of over 80 percent female users, Pinterest also boasts that … Continue reading

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Spotify Is the Future of Music

Spotify is one of a few new recent technologic advances that has proven to become quite convenient with music enthusiasts all over the world. Essentially, Spotify competes with other startup companies like Pandora, iHeart Radio, MOG,, GrooveShark amongst others, … Continue reading

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Internet Censorship Is Unconstitutional, No Matter How You Word It.

ACTA is the new SOPA Wednesday January 18, 2012 marked a special day in the Internet’s history for being the world’s largest protest in internet history, in opposition to SOPA.  Google, who is a chief opponent in the Stop Online … Continue reading

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2011: The Year Life’s Pace Accelerated Into Overdrive

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011!  The year is coming to an end and it has been a long one.  I’m doing this survey because it helps me reflect upon the year in the most sincere way, and that I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Ultra Music Festival 2011 Review and CBM Artist Development Statement

ULTRA!!!! Alright, I had to get that out of my system before I start. I wanted to first comment that the rainy weather in Miami and even home in Orlando today, had to be quite the appropriate climax to an … Continue reading

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Casio PT-1 Review

I swear, I had one of these as a kid! It’s the nostalgia factor, and the memories of our generation’s childhood, which fuels the “modern 80s” fandom which has become popular in the past decade. I love it! I like … Continue reading

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