Chris Big Money’s Dope Ass Playlist of Friends and Penpals 2013 Tracks of the Year!



Every year, it is a tradition of mine to reflect on the year in music. I believe in supporting independent/unsigned music and sharing it with the world. Being a musician, I have had the opportunity to meet or interact with these people throughout 2013.

2013 marks the year I took the courage to pursue my dream of having a better/happier life and it taught me that sometimes you have to make sacrifices to find happiness. Moving to Austin Texas is something I had planned through and through and let the idea marinate for a long time. I was scared, I had nothing for me there except for what my internet research told me. I thought things would change radically for me when I arrived in town, but they haven’t which seems to be for the better. Getting back to the point of all this, I relied heavily on the internet to keep up with people in 2013. I never really feel truly alone behind a computer screen anymore. I have learned a lot from all of you, more justifiably through observing your posts and our interactions through social media. I feel lonely and frankly right now I feel as if I’m living merely to survive, but these songs have provided me with inspiration to keep making music, and to work towards the better tomorrow.

This list reflects 2013 for me in music, through the works of these individuals. I really put some thought into this list, avoiding “soundcloud throwaways” sticking to tracks made in 2013 which were released in a more serious manner. I constructed this playlist to sound like a compilation album, and the track order does not represent the order of favortism. Share this music with your friends and loved ones, for we spend too much time in our bedrooms making this lovely music for you.

I present to you, Chris Big Money’s favorite tracks of 2013! This playlist consists of friends of the streets and the internets. You all have inspired me, keep making music. Oh and be sure to say hi to each other. I wrote a more detailed description below in SoundCloud. This serves as the butter yo bread post which this will be written in as well.  Connect with their soundcloud pages and show em some love!!

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BUTTER YO BREAD! A PLACE TO GET YOUR BREAD BUTTERED! BRING THE LOTION! Writing about music, art, and anything else which makes you wanna butter some bread!
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