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Best Albums/Releases of 2012: Friends of Chris Big Money edition!

2012 has been an interesting year for me, your friendly internet pal Chris Big Money.  A real learning experience for me, and I believe I have finally started to come into my own with my musical identity.  I have always … Continue reading

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All Roads Lead to Austin Texas Baby!!

I’m moving to Austin Texas in September. Recently, I made a post about wanting to relocate from Orlando. I did not disclose the location publicly at the time. Well, I have chosen to move to Austin Texas in September. It … Continue reading

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Reasons I am moving out of Orlando.

Yup. Reasons I am moving out of Orlando: Orlando caters too much to tourism. I fucking hate Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney World does not exist to me anymore. I do not want to see people I used to know around … Continue reading

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Kyarypamyupamyu- “pamyupamyurevolution” JPop Album Review

The world noticed Kyary after her PONPONPON became a viral smash YouTube and Facebook.  To describe the PONPONPON video, is to describe a rainbow explosion of colors and in your face visuals that are only found on the worst of … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games: An No-Spoilers Angle From A Guy Who Hasn’t Read The Books… Yet.

Last Saturday night I chose to treat myself to see a movie which I had meant to see the week before, however I opted out to in order to attend the memorial service for my recently passed high school physics … Continue reading

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HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY?? Is Madonna promoting recreational drug use?

Madonna is an inspiration to millions of people across the world, spanning several decades and generation, her voice is one that travels remarkably well. Over this past weekend in March 2012, a very popular EDM (Electronic Dance Music) event, being … Continue reading

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Appealing Film Ratings from the MPAA in 2012

In today’s economy the entertainment industry is undergoing a lot of changes and film makers have become much more heavily invested in less restrictive film ratings. Obviously, this has become a big deal to the film makers because of the … Continue reading

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Kony 2012: Using People, Persuasion, and Propaganda to Raise Awareness Against Evil War Criminals.

“Kony 2012” is a viral video created by political activist group Invisible Children in March 2012. The video is an emotionally gripping 29 minute piece talking about African war criminal Joseph Kony, and the various crimes he has committed against … Continue reading

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Same Sex Marriage in 2012: a Political and Civil Rights Movement

“What is love, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me… no more” a classic 90s song from club singer Haddaway, “What Is Love?” remains an anthem in gay culture to this day. Fast forward from the early 1990’s to 2012, … Continue reading

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M.I.A. and The Hand Gesture Seen Around The World.

Politically motivated club/shock rap artist M.I.A. has been the talk of the internet news world since Sunday when she graced the Superbowl stage with fellow female pop revolutionaries Madonna and Nicki Minaj. This year’s Superbowl game drew in 113 million … Continue reading

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