CLAWMAGGEDON!!!!!!!! Electric Type EP review (Feb 2013)



Electric Type’s 2013 EP takes us into a journey, deep into the nether realms of Crab Island, where the Zap Cannon and the Knuckle Duster are found deep within it’s treacheries.  The EP begins with a filthy bit crushed baseline, which seems like there was a pirate radio station broadcast from Crab Island.  Wait, that’s The Technopod!  (  Electric Type has spent much of his recent time broadcasting transmissions of some of the most unbeknownst techno tunes this side of the Crab Nebulae, alongside his quick witted, and occasional nihilistic partner in crime, Type Rider.  Obviously we are discussing the new E.T. release, however we cannot justify not mentioning the Technopod, which now obviously plays a large influence on the brand that is Electric Type.

First cut from the two track EP (Clawmageddon), released for free on Electric Type’s website (, is a slightly new approach to a formula that Electric Type has cast upon his listeners over his last few releases.  Here you will find more layering and synthesis than what you would normally expect, however this doesn’t deviate too much from what is found in older releases such as Shellfish or Supernova.  The track is more standard 4 minute affair, it does well to articulate Crab Island’s party life soundscapes, the dirtier the better.  I wouldn’t dare call this “maximal”, but it definitely envelopes you in a swirl of filthy bass, distorted noisy industrial/new wave style snare drums, and is much more involved than the “less is more approach” some are more accustomed to now a days.  You can’t help but want to yell CLAWMAGGEDON in a deep, guttural death metal growl.  Go ahead, you know you want to.

Knuckle Duster is a callback to the classic Electric Type sound, from the debut LP from ET, called “Style is Bright”.  Listen to a song called “Bed of Roses” from that LP and try to call bullshit on me.  A lot of robotic “chipomancy” going on here.  There is also some interesting play with delay effects found in the percussion and some tastefully degraded flanger sounds, thrown in for good measure.  Knuckle Duster is something you’ll be inclined to hear on The Technopod or possibly listed in the “Techno” section of DJ one-stop-shop websites like Beatport.  Knuckle Duster is a slower burn, there is indecipherable robotic vocals and a tendency to let the track play a little longer, kinda let it ride out you know.


I find Electric Type being more comfortable in his element than ever before.  The Technopod podcasts have slowly helped ET find a trademark sound, and have helped ET discover other electronic music contemporaries to build his musical style from.  Clawmageddon is the healthy balance of attempting new production techniques and building on a trademarked sound (emphasis on heart pounding kick drums and highly intricate electronic drum programming, slow moving bubonic bass riffs, and lots of beepy, bloopy crazy) that has taken several years to develop.  If you like this and want more, I would suggest subscribing to Electric Type’s weekly podcast “The Technopod”, where you’ll learn more of this “True Techno” movement, and what has given new life into Electric Type’s music and Crab Island.  Keep it crabby!

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