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CLAWMAGGEDON!!!!!!!! Electric Type EP review (Feb 2013)

Clawmaggedon http://officialelectrictype.com/albums/clawmaggedon/ Electric Type’s 2013 EP takes us into a journey, deep into the nether realms of Crab Island, where the Zap Cannon and the Knuckle Duster are found deep within it’s treacheries.  The EP begins with a filthy bit … Continue reading

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Best Albums/Releases of 2012: Friends of Chris Big Money edition!

2012 has been an interesting year for me, your friendly internet pal Chris Big Money.  A real learning experience for me, and I believe I have finally started to come into my own with my musical identity.  I have always … Continue reading

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Sachem Orenda – Apology for Popular Music and the Nihilistic Demiurge Album Review

It is very difficult now a days to combine rhythm-driven electronic dance music with sophisticated self analytical lyricism now a days. With songs focusing on the strength of a single versus the merit of album based music being in mainstream … Continue reading

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Ke$ha- “Cannibal” Album Review

Blah! Blah! Blah! That’s pretty much what a lot of people think about 2009 mainstream pop music sensation “Ke$ha” who broke big on her chart-topping “Tik ToK” single, which ended up being one of the most downloaded tracks in recent … Continue reading

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Mark Ronson and The Business Intl.- Somebody To Love Me (Holy Ghost remix)

Mark Ronson is a name that automatically spells out cocky big shot music producer and big time business man. Everything about the guy just sounds epic and over the top. I wasn’t even really much of a fan during the … Continue reading

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Electric Type “Peaches EP”

PRETENTIOUS PHRASE: “Our Romeo Comes With Open Arms For His Fair Maiden Juliet Offering A Peach For Her Embrace.” “Girl You Know I Love Ya, So I Got You Some Peaches.” It’s a single off my Pennsylvania buddy Electric Type’s … Continue reading

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