All Roads Lead to Austin Texas Baby!!

I’m moving to Austin Texas in September.

Recently, I made a post about wanting to relocate from Orlando. I did not disclose the location publicly at the time. Well, I have chosen to move to Austin Texas in September. It is a perfect place for someone with my interests of living in a place where there is great cultural diversity with a small town feel, which is not what Orlando seeks to be. Austin is a place with a lot of musical history, there is even a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan in their city. There are lots of little niche places, venues, stores, parks, and clubs where a young artist can develop, grow, and thrive which is what I am seeking. I like the little things in life, I believe the smallest details make the biggest differences. I never achieved the level of creative camaraderie I seek here in Orlando, I feel I can take the lessons I learned in Orlando and apply them in a new city. While I truly enjoy the friendship and company of those I still associate with, I believe that destiny is filled with choices only you can make. This announcement will be a surprise to some, and to my friends I talk to outside of Facebook this is not anything new, just making things more official.

Last post, I focused on the things driving me away from my new “hometown” (If I went back to Bolingbrook IL, I would not remember how to get around, and I’m sure all my elementary school buddies have forgotten me), but now I will focus on the opportunities that have attracted me to this town. This is all according to my research I have done on the internet, asking friends that have also recently moved there, and emailing people who currently live in the city now.

  • Obviously, the big elephant. The music and arts scene here is thriving. There are shows everyday, and including daytime and nighttime ones.
  • There are numerous venues, and people seem to have a great sense of community here. It’s “The Live Music Capital of the World”
  • Austin is a cultural hub.
  • The city has a low unemployment rate and cost of living is quite cheap, especially in comparison to LA or New York.
  • Lots of companies like Dell and Whole Foods are based here. Also lots of startup companies are born here too.
  • I like hot weather, I visited Rhode Island about 4 years ago in the winter, and everyone was down because of the snow. I don’t like snow anymore.
  • There isn’t such a high humidity here, so that means I won’t be sweating bullets when I go outside.
  • Austin is a liberal city, in a traditionally conservative state.
  • “Keep Austin Weird” google it.
  • There are really unique places like “Switched On” which is a store which sells vintage analog electronic music instruments, and helps fellow electronic musicians in Austin. I also heard they do Ableton Live workshops… this is really amazing sounding.
  • There is an arcade called “Pinballz” too, which has old pinball machines and retro/classic games.
  • Alamo is a movie theatre that shows old movies on the cheap all the time, especially cult classics and movie marathons.
  • You ever watch Austin City Limits on PBS? It’s filmed here.
  • If you’ve noticed, I am a total sucker for nostalgia, and I think Austin caters well to this little fetish of mine.
  • 6th Street seems like a bitchin’ place to party.
  • The EDM scene is growing here too, I found lots of clubs where great dance music DJ’s come to town.
  • Orlando is apparently, the third most dangerous city to live in in the United States according to a 2011 post made by US News.
  • People are accepting of vegetarians, gays, freaks, eccentrics, starving artists, and generally unique people. Orlando citizens still kind of get startled or feel indifferent when “different people” are around them.
  • University of Texas is here. Go Longhorns! It also seems like a great place to go to grad school, should I choose to do so.
  • About 40 percent of people here hold a Bachelor’s Degree, which is well above average.
  • BIKE TRAILS! Apparently there are also bike lanes everywhere.
  • Austin is a great outdoor city, I have read it is America’s “3rd fittest city.” I wanna have a more physically active lifestyle, so this is really great to hear.
  • There are giant parks, national parks and hills to go hiking on… and best of all THERE ARE CAVES!!!!! I really wanna go explore some caves and go cave diving.
  • A lot of the music I listen to, sounds like it was recorded in a cave with all the reverb on it anyways. lol.
  • You like bats? There are hundred of bats that fly under the Congress bridge at night. It’s kinda cool to see.
  • There is also plenty of free wifi access to be found within the city. Many tech companies are based out here in Austin too.
  • We can’t ignore SXSW (South by Southwest) which is an annual event in March which attracts hundreds of thousands to the city, to see cutting edge entertainment and technology before anyone else.
  • There are lots of smaller festivals too. Austin City Limits Festival is also happening around the time I plan to travel to Austin.
  • I just wanna be a stranger again lol. I like changes in scenery.
  • “The Dream of the 90s is still alive in Austin, not just Portland lol”
  • A lot of places like Austin have experienced gentrification, however I feel like Austin has still held onto it’s unique identity over time.
  • I got a free magazine from which gives me a deep and insightful look into how the city is doing. Just shows how much Austin cares about it’s citizens.
  • Sandra Bullock, Lance Armstrong, Robert Rodriguez, and Nelly (the rapper), are residents of this city.
  • The alternative music scene in Austin is more widely accepted by the people here. In Orlando, it is too exclusive and hard to break into, which has been a problem I have encountered in Orlando.
  • Maybe I wanna get involved in playing in a band or taking part in some musical collective. I need to meet other like minded people, point blank.
  • Nearly all the bands/artists I listen to play shows here. A lot of touring acts skip Orlando b/c of curfew laws and low show attendance from Orlando residents.
  • I’m not looking to fall in love, I am looking to leave a legacy and to inspire people.
  • I am sure there are a lot of other reasons I could post if I took more time to remember. Maybe the city will be as good as I am painting it out to be, or be a total disappointment. The excitement of seeing a new city alone with worth it to me. People think I’m crazy for wanting to move to a new city where I don’t already know people at or have a history with. All I’m gonna say there is YOLO, which in my opinion is a great decision making word. I am typing this up on a cloudy 4th of July afternoon and revising the morning after, where I found myself spending over $40 to ride a taxicab home from a party last night, not because the people were bad, but because I felt out of place. Like I found my calling or something. I have chosen a tough life for sure, but I feel it is what I am most content and happiest doing. Before I decided to become an artist/musician, I felt there was an empty hole on my life needing to be filled. Now 5 years later, I take it so seriously, I’m willing to relocate to another city primarily because of it.

    Finding work and a place to live, will be the biggest hurdles I will encounter in September. I have typically been very fearful of losing my jobs because of long time intervals looking for new jobs that I have suffered in the past. From obtaining more work experience, especially with the sales experiences (I have worked nearly 4 years at my current inbound/outbound telephone sales job, consistently landing high sales numbers) acquired from my current place of employment and a more mature outlook on life (especially in regards to personal appearance) I am not as fearful as I used to be about this. I want to grow and develop, which is my number one reason for heading out of Orlando. I need to focus on the opportunities ahead, instead of running away from all the negatives I have been “butthurt” about over the last several years. I thank Damian Daviid for that one. My friend Quartz Relic summed it up as, “You’re not gaining much experience in these dungeons anymore, you’re tired of these same walls, these same foes, and these same bosses.” Being a casual RPG game player, I believe this is excellent advice to be given, I’m sure anyone who is playing Diablo III right now, is ripping through dungeons left and right. Frankly, it is time to move on.

    I wanna thank everyone for reading this post. I would still like to maintain connections with all of you. A lot of you are great people that I have learned much from and spent time with. You should seriously, come visit me in Texas one day. Hopefully I’ll have a place where I can put you up while you explore the city and what has attracted me here. Keep Chris Big Money weird!!! hahaha. Thanks!

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    2 Responses to All Roads Lead to Austin Texas Baby!!

    1. carolineorloff says:

      I am considering moving to Austin right now and your blog post has really helped. Thanks!

    2. i love the look of austin

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