HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY?? Is Madonna promoting recreational drug use?

Madonna is an inspiration to millions of people across the world, spanning several decades and generation, her voice is one that travels remarkably well. Over this past weekend in March 2012, a very popular EDM (Electronic Dance Music) event, being the 2012 edition of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival occurred. During Saturday night, up and coming DJ/Producer Avicii is scheduled to perform in front of 100,000 screaming ragers (EDM festival/club goers) on a headlining spot in a super-sold out festival (The festival apparently sold out in 20 minutes this year). Big surprise to the crowd at the festival, as well as people watching the live telestream of Avicii’s performance, the one and only Queen of Pop herself has graced the Ultra stage. She struts on the stage wearing an “MDNA” shirt to introduce Avicii, for which she professes she is a huge fan and that electronic music has been a part of her throughout her entire career.

Insert the digital controversy which commences. While Madonna is chiding Avicii’s audience, she makes a very audacious statement asking the crowd, “HAVE YOU SEEN MOLLY?” People at the festival began to cheer and praise Madonna who has worked with several high profile EDM producers such as Benny Benassi and Martin Solveig on her new album MDNA, which was just released this past Monday, March 26th 2012. While the audience was taking pleasure in Madonna’s introduction “hype-piece”, another well-known DJ in the EDM community, Deadmau5 takes great offense to Madonna’s piece, particularly her invigorating question “HAVE YOU SEEN MOLLY??”

Deadmau5 sees this as a glorification of ecstasy which is highly popular at EDM events and has been associated with electronic dance music since its inception. Electronic dance music and ecstasy are synonymous with each other, the media has glorified this pairing for many years and many people not involved in their city’s club circuits would likely assume night clubs are fueled with people “rolling” on various variations of the “club drug”. “Molly” just happens to be a slang term for MDMA which is the laboratory name for the popular ecstasy drug. As many celebrity beefs happen these days, Twitter is often the battleground for feuds in today’s fast paced technological craze where things can be said in 140 characters and less. DJ Deadmau5 tweeted “very classy there Madonna. HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY??? Such a great message for the young music lovers at…” Following that tweet here comes a second one, justifying his needs to vent his opinions on twitter towards the famed 80’s pop singer. “You’re a role model to 100s of millions. You have a powerful voice; EDM could use your positive influence, not your “molly” talk.”

In response, Madonna has joined twitter for one day to answer fan questions about the new album and upcoming tour. She also used this as a medium to invite Justin Bieber on tour with her. In regards to the Madonna/Deadmau5 twitter feud, she tweets a photo of her wearing a Minnie Mouse headpiece explaining how the “Molly” reference was a throwback to “Has Anyone Seen Molly” a track she had did with DJ Cedric Gervais which did not make the MDNA album itself. Shortly, the Mau5 responded back asking her to be careful about what she represented at EDM events, and he gave her +1 for respectfully clearing it up personally.

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