Was Lana Del Rey Really “Born To Die”?

Lana Del Rey formerly known as “Lizzy Grant” is a new alternative/indie singer who has just released her first album titled “Born To Die” which has topped the album charts in 14 countries this week. A majority of Lana’s success stems from internet controversy and harsh attacks from music critics all over the world.

Lana is known all over the internet as “the really hot indie singer who’s mad controversial.”, according to the blogosphere and the hipster blog “Hipster Runoff.” Lizzy Grant’s first major hit is a ballad about a former Nintendo loving boyfriend, called “Video Games.” It is strikingly unusual at first that such a song with a title like “Video Games” would be juxtaposed with a melancholy ballad of heartbreaking song lyrics that is “Video Games.” This song has become a viral sensation on YouTube and gained Del Rey over 20 million hits on YouTube. Musically, Lana Del Rey takes the glam of vintage Hollywood, adds some minor hip hop embellishments, and mixes it with a very introspective and blindsiding look into her own life, very similar to the songwriting of an Amy Winehouse or a darker version of Adele minus the technical singing capabilities of the singer who “set’s fire in the rain.” The music is very slow, with lazy trip hop beats and lyrics about love, glam, and everything else that makes a good girl go bad.

A pivotal moment in Lana’s short music career thus far is her recent debut Saturday Night Live performance. Lana Del Rey made history as the first artist to perform on Saturday Night Live prior to a first album release. Actress Juliette Lewis tweeted that “watching this “singer”, is like watching a 12 year old sing around in their bedroom when they’re pretending to sing and perform.” and fellow music critics also attacked Lana Del Rey for showing visible signs of nervousness on stage as well as lack of experience in performing music live. Also SNL figurehead Brian Williams said that Lana Del Rey was the “one of the worst outings in SNL history.”

Lana has been a trending topic on the internet for some time now since the release of “Video Games.” Once “Born To Die” was released on January 31, 2012, it has been a huge hit with fans, largely due to all the critical back lashings Lana Del Rey has received from her lack of musical experience and her history of train wreck live performances. Critics have been poised to destroy Lana Del Rey long before her first album (Born To Die) even released. Also, Lana has also been heavily fictionalized and made into a mysterious myth, unintentionally according to Del Rey. People critique her lips, which are apparently 100% real, people critique how she lived in a Trailer park, and people also crack jokes about a hidden first album which was removed from iTunes. With all this mythos surrounding Lana Del Rey it’s unquestionable to think it would go about unnoticed. With the success of Born To Die, Lana tweets from her twitter page, “Thank you for making the record #1 in 11 countries. Your sweet words have softened the effect of even the harshest reviews. I adore you.”

Lana is one of the new musical starlets of 2012, who is skyrocketing to fame at a catapulting rate, largely due to the internet. The internet as a platform is quite remarkable to say the least, it’s the kind of tenure, and allure that Lana Del Rey has created for herself which has proved to be quite effective amongst the right people. In this case, the people. We were born to die.

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