Chris Big Money- “Ultra Sinewaves EP” Guest Review by Electric Type!

Today, instead of the regular butter from Chris Big Money, we are going to coat your bread with a delicious brown sugar and cinnamon spread from the high voltage ginger, Electric Type.

On June 7th Chris Big Money dropped his first official commercial release, Ultra Sinewaves EP. Since it would be in bad taste (like burnt toast) to review his own EP, I decided to do some reviewing for him. (without even being asked!)

This is a 5 track release is available on iTunes and Amazon for a measly $5. It was professionally mastered at SPM Soundtracks Studios, by the amazing sound engineer Luke Bredin. If you’re worried about length versus cost, it clocks in at around 28 minutes. You definitely get your big moneys worth.

Okay, enough with all that technical stuffs… what’s it sound like, man?

Well, it may be only five tracks but this thing packs influence from many different styles and genres. This EP truly is a musical journey. The first track, “Yellow Pill” is a beautiful chilled out electronic masterpiece, that would be perfect for a dance floor at about 4am. It has enough beat to make you want to keep moving, but doesn’t drive you too hard. It has deep rumbling bass and plenty of slow parts to let you cool off between the nicely arranged percussion sections.

Moving on to “Blue Pill”, the song opens up with beautiful pads floating around upon a bed of toms and bongos. It sets the mood for things to come and the drums play out some very tasty rhythms. (Editor’s comment: It is in 3/4 time, with a glitched-out half-shuffle feel, which tributes the “L.A. Beat Scene” music from talents like Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, Nosaj Thing, and Daedelus. It also mutts a bit from Animal Collective’s “wall of sound” and psychedelic sound effects found throughout their music and the “freak-folk” movement. An intentionally avant-garde track, meant to put you in a dream like state of mind.)

Oh god, “Red Pill”! That bass intro will sound so good on sub woofers! This track is what I expect from Chris. It has loud grating synths. But not the kind that get annoying or irritating. They’re the synths that make you want to rock! It has quick changes, but never losses its sexy groove. It has chopped up vocal samples that just make you want more! This is the track that’s going to make girls go wild at Big Money shows.

“Purple Pill”! It’s an incredible driving techno dance beat, with minimal synth beeping along in the background and lasers firing overhead! Then a small drop and a bass line deep enough to make an elephant sick. Just when you think this is going to be a deep minimal dance floor groove, Chris brings in an incredible lead synth that picks us up and takes us back to that wonderful dream world of Yellow and Blue Pill. Only in this dream it’s not about floating contently, it’s about making everyone around you move! I can’t wait to play this track for a dance floor!

The incredible pad synthesizer work continues on “Little Chrissy Has A Cold”. This is a great tune to finish off the album. There is an uplifting melody plucked out on an electronic piano of sorts. Everything has just enough percussion to set the mood and drive the song along, without falling into the standard four to the floor beat that most electronic artist (myself included) cling to so dearly in every track.

In summary, my favorite part of this album is the percussion. At first listen it sounds like techno dance beats, but pay attention! You’ll notice all the intricate details. Every drum part is perfect for what is happening around it.

I know that on Butter Yo Bread, Chris never gives albums ratings by numbers. But since I’m a guest butterer, I’m taking the liberty to spread the rules a bit… I give this album 9 out of 7 Sticks of Butta! You better check it out!

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