damian daviid- “sun goes down EP” review

Sun Goes Down is a new EP effort from a close friend of mine, and great musical influence known as Damian Daviid, or by his live electronics act “Cellar Doves.” I had the pleasure of meeting Double D as I like to call him several years ago, I originally just thought of him as the weird guy who would come into a fast food restaurant I used to work at in high school.

Story aside, let’s cut straight to the meat and potatoes, or the tofu and vegetables if you prefer. Sun Goes Down is a special suprise to all of us as fans, which it was only announced recently it was being released, but has been apparently in the works for long periods of time I could not recall. Musically, the work is ambitious, and shows evolution from what we have heard from Damian before. Primarily, during the time between (approx. 2 years) In New Mirrors, before and after, Damian has taken up DJing clubs as a way to make income for himself and maintain his musicality. The first track of “Sun Goes Down” is a well crafted club track called “Vermin You Need To Loathe (ft. The Mars Volta)” where it is made quite obvious that The Mars Volta are in some way a part of this track, which we all need to hear to find out exactly what Omar and Cedric (The Mars Volta) have to do with this. Let’s say the production has gravitated towards more build-up friendly tracks which show Damian’s background as a club music DJ.

“Last Night A DJ Drank Your Blood” comes next on this short 3 track excursion, which brings out the classic club vocal anthem phrase “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” in a freshly vococded way, similar to what retro electronic artists like Kraftwerk and Dam-Funk have utilized in their own music. The track is sassy, sexy, and it definitely brings blood onto the dance floor. Even with the title of the song you can tell the last few years of being a DJ has made significant impact with greater emphasis on percussion, arepeggiators, and stabbing synth progressions which are all commonly found in dance music, no matter what era or time period it is. This track just has that sexy nu-disco/retro feel I have such a soft spot for. It’s my favorite on the EP.

Big time WTF moment comes in when reading that this song apparently features (G-Unit). Big time gangsta status swag right here. With that gangsta swagga comes a thumping electro/dubstep sounding tune with big written all over it. It’s safe to say it is an epic track to bring climax to this EP. While it shows some of the classic “Damian-like” nuances heard in his previous work, this particular number is more intense which also reflects much of today’s current electronic club numbers, which are also becoming more rock influenced and heavier in sound. The keyboard solo near the end of “Sun Goes Down” also brings more climax, the solo is almost two minutes long and it pairs amazingly well with a lush house beat/vocal loop which rides well and mellows you out. Now that’s gangsta.

Do yourself a favor and support this guy. He’s the epitome/dictionary definition of a “starving artist” who truly loves what he does and never fails to dissappoint. If you live in Providence, Rhode Island, you can often see him in the underbelly of the Providence club scene itself, playing several themed nights every month in the city itself, which often features guest DJ’s and an ever changing setlist. To best understand Sun Goes Down, you will need to learn about Damian Daviid the DJ and his mixes he regularly puts out. It really provides some introspect and background into the story behind “Sun Goes Down.” Cheers.

Sun Goes Down! Cop it right here!

Damian Daviid on Mixcloud:

Cellar Doves


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