Justice releases new single “Civilization” on iTunes!

“The beating of a million drums! The firing of a million guns! The mother of a million sons!” These are the epic chorus lyrics that encompass this new anthemic single called “Civilization” from the newly legendary French electronic music duo. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s classic Justice taking their sound and expanding it further. The track itself is very rock inspired. I think it has 80’s arena rock written all over it, where you hear a mix of Def Leppard, Queen and Black Sabbath in the instrumentation and structuring of “Civilization.” The loose call and response patterns, empty vocal phrases, and the anthem-like big chorus is an interesting direction for Justice to take, and one that is predictable for them to have. Overall, this track is great for veteran fans of the Ed Banger french wizards, you know those guys who get this party started right, getting drunk and freaky right kind of deal. Honestly, while I think about it, this kind of brings me back to DVNO which is another classic cut from their debut album “Cross.” I’m very excited to hear about a new album coming soon from them, I think it has been almost 4 years since Cross first came out. That’s crazy! Fathers, lock up your daughters. It looks like the boys are back in town! DVNO, 4 capital letters, printed in gold! Welcome back Justice!

Buy “Civilization” on iTunes now!

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