Boys Noize Presents: Super Acid!!

Well if this isn’t a sight for sore eyes, I don’t know what is.  I remember asking a friend of mine a while back about what exactly happened to “acid techno.”  It’s a classic genre of electronic music which gave birth to many types of dance music popular today including modern pop music and electro.  It was that edgier side of dance music which was characterized off of analog synths and a Roland 303.  Acid was also really taking off in the breaks scene, and I have heard it appear occasionally in other artist’s work but not as extensively as anything I have heard off this compilation presented by the one and only Boys Noize.  On this compilation on the Boys Noize Records music label, there is a consistency of acid tracks, some with fast 303 arpeggiated riffs, and others with mellow chilled out drum machine beats and flickering drums reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s “Selected Ambient Works” series.   

Listening to this is truly a throwback to the early 90’s era of electronic dance music, where it was being promoted heavily on the radio, and the songs were featured on MTV.  Of course this was about 15 years ago, but that’s beside the point.  Sure technology has improved substantially in music production; the sounds and vibe of this compilation effort really pay a strong homage to a genre of music people had seemed to totally forget about.  What Alexander Ridha (Boys Noize), a German “mutant techno” DJ/Producer out of Berlin Germany, is doing is quite credible in today’s world of EDM where cheesy glide synths, wobble basses, and stuttered pointless female vocals are becoming the norm in today’s dance music.  I have a very fond attachment for electro music, in 2008 that was all I would listen to, and I frequented Club Firestone’s weekly “Saturday/Thursday” night that packed the house full of hipsters, scantily clad girls in black miniskirts, break dancers/b-boys, and people looking to get drunk.  I miss that club night; the venue was a perfect place for it.  This artist is one I like to associate with the Saturday/Thursday club night where acts like Daft Punk, Justice, M.I.A., and other similar indie-electronic groups soundtracked the dance floor at Firestone. 

Boys Noize has been around for a while now, well over a decade producing and perfecting his craft of “mutant party techno” to the masses.  His first major breakthrough was Oi Oi Oi, which had a disco ball in the shape of a skull for its album cover.  Lava Lava was a smash in clubs across Europe, where it’s hard-hitting electro fuzz and punchy kicks won its way across dance music enthusiasts all over the world.  Moving forward, we get Power a few years later, which explores a darker side of Boys Noize, which bigger emphasis on experimentalism and slower grooves.  It’s still a club oriented record, but it mainly served as an expansion piece for the producer/DJ.

Upon writing this review, I had read an interview Boys Noize did which talked about how he had this obsession with acid techno over the years, and how he had everyone on his record label (Boys Noize Records) produce an acid song for this new compilation he was working on, which was released in February 2011.  I am attending next week’s Ultra Music Festival, where I will be seeking out Boys Noize to deliver a rowdy action packed set, hopefully featuring some great acid tunes and throwbacks.  Maybe he’ll even throw down an all vinyl set.  That’s good shit right there.  So yeah, don’t sleep on the acid tracks.  They are making a comeback, for the better. 

This blog post is from Boys Noize’s website about the Super Acid BNR compilation.  It features other artists’ opinions about the compilation. Check it out!
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