Operation Solilla Bomb!

After reading a post on twitter from local Orlando hip hop act Solillaquists of Sound, I figured I would take a minute to contribute to their “Operation Solilla Bomb!” announced on their Twitter page.

The reason why I like SoS, (Solillaquists Of Sound) is because they care. They look to inspire us with their intellectual rhymes, vivid urban expressionism, and their commitment to an up and coming city like Orlando. It amazes me that they haven’t tried to leave for a bigger city, it only shows that they are true people who are very interested in seeing Orlando blow up. They are mainstays within the arts community here in Orlando, and they are all very personable people who are working very hard to debunk the “blunts, 40’s 9’s and hookers” mentality associated with mainstream hip hop music. They also organize a lot of independent art/music events too, I attended the Indie Summer Fest put on last year, which curated by Swamburger. That’s right, SoS are multi-talented too, Swamburger and Alexandrah are both regularly seen with paintings and jewelry which they showcase and sell right on the streets of Downtown Orlando. I have encountered them several times, and it’s always a pleasure seeing them around

The shows are downright incredible, where you get all kinds of influences from The Fugees and Jimi Hendrix, all the way up to Aphex Twin. It’s a mess of everything you know and some, where their brand of “edutainment” is at times enlightening and relatable, at other times it is a cacophony of beautiful spoken word poetry and color. T. After catching their show for the first time in 06 (I think) I have no wonders why each show would sell out The Social weeks in advance. I have been attending their shows for a few years now, and every time I catch them live, they always impress, never to disappointing. We have to also comment on the mad MPC scientist, DiVInci, who uses these three AKAI MPC sampler machines, to totally reinvent them into new instruments, where they can become guitars, talkboxes, turntables, and anything else you can think of. It’s pretty innovative, to see this, where most electronic musicians are relying exclusively on laptops to bring their noise. You would think I’m joking if I were to mention DiVinci often plays his instruments with his nose and toes. It’s something you’ll need to see for yourself.

I was introduced to them via word of mouth from a girl named Melanie, who invited me out to one of their shows. Originally I thought, I was going to be totally out of place at first, however the crowd is very welcoming and accepting group of people. There is no color or race, and even social groups dominating the atmosphere, their shows draw wide varieties of people, which eliminates scene politics found at many of today’s local shows in Orlando.

Coming fresh off a new album called “No More Heroes,” the Solillaquists are consistent in keeping us edu-tained and enlightened I am interested to see what will happen next, I really think this is the kind of music that needs to go mainstream. This is the kind of artistic collective that can change the face of hip hop music and urban art. They throw us back to the days when A Tribe Called Quest and Arrested Development were hot, but their sound is from the future, with the old school personal values. It’s like you’re listening to P-Funk drop science on the planet Mars itself. It’s kind of sad when you hear all these bland 90’s house music rehashing, and scarface impersonations on the radio, I think it’s really nice to hear something that came up from the bottom and shows plenty of evidence of paying its dues. We don’t need anymore heroes, we have Solillaquists Of Sound.

Written from a fan and aspiring artist.

-Chris Big Money


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2 Responses to Operation Solilla Bomb!

  1. Wow Chris, this is excellent writing! Seriously, this piece is well written, thought out and executed. Nice work.

    and thanks for writing about these guys, I have lost complete touch with the music scene here, so it’s nice to be pointed in a direction that may worth my while.

    • Oh this band is awesome! I’ve been a fan for years! It’s hip hop music, but it’s a very unique take on hip hop that makes them really awesome. It’s like a mess of socially conscious hip hop mixed with poetry, rap/sung collaborations, and electronic music all in one. Love it!

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