Magitek- Sample It, Loop It, Fuck It, Eat It Album Review!

Sample It, Loop It, Fuck It, Eat It! is the new full length album from Orlando nerdcore impresario’s MagiTek. Now a fearsome foursome of evil 16-bit wizardry, the group packs a serious punch with more versatile and tighter songwriting than ever before. Influenced from a name that sounds like Final Fantasy 6’s “MagiTek” system, Quartz Relic, Thugmasta J, Shamus, and Mattaeis are tearing up mage girls’ magical places on every unique track presented off the album.

What makes Magitek stand out from the small underground but bustling Orlando nerd music scene, in my opinion is the futuristic/industrial production behind the MagiTek beats, it is really hard to place them solely in just a category like “Nerdcore,” I see the music as being more contemporary and electronic versus other Orlando nerdy heavyweights Emergency Pizza Party and Rappy McRapperson. The sound of MagiTek has evolved a bit over the years, with new additions to the lineup, improved production techniques and more conceptualized rhymes. Odd Entities and Distorting Reality for Better Perception are some of their previous works, which had loose themes based off of their video game inspired heroics and evil doings. It’s nice to hear the progression with each album. I won’t mention other acts the group is influenced by, since “the album carries off other individuals shoulders, it comes to the conclusion that sampling is a must.”

The album starts off with a noisy, NIN inspired rave/industrial mash called “The Process” which serves as the introduction track, explaining the idea behind the album right within the lyrics. Next up, the first single “Feels Good Man” is a feel good track with a deep roster of nerdy mc’s like MC Wreckshin, B-Type, and Rappy McRapperson. I feel like this could become a orlando Nerdcore supergroup someday, the Birdcore clan, you name it. My own track production “20XX” is a throwback to the 80’s and the retro futuristic movement becoming popular today, coming from a 1990 sample of eurodance classic “Everybody Everybody” by Black Box. The album takes a breather moment, with Traveling Phantom, which reminds me of creepy Insane Clown Posse numbers like “Mr. Johnson’s Head.” The slowed down industrial flavored drums make this track one of my favorites. “My Mind is Going” brings a hip hop feel to the album, which almost sounds like conventional hip hop with vocal samples featuring MC Wreckshin and HD Ninja on the rhymes. The feel on the wheels of steel’s tempo goes up with this breakbeat styled track called Mass Destruction calling out the celebrities that are looked at as superheroes. Dukes up suckers! Dynamite Kid serves as a fun, laughable instrumental track which reminds you of a good time gambling at Final Fantasy 7’s Gold Saucer, right before entering the Battle Square. Upon entering the Battle Square, its time to get Savage, which has some very interesting lo-fi samples and a thumping arpeggiated baseline, for an absolute savage of a track, with “more raw sex than Johnny Depp.” The hip hop/noise industrial is back again for Killer Nocturne, the strings and flickering drums help propel the story of stopping the Killer Nocturne and breaking it’s spell. Homunculus, is another potential single, which talks about reconstructing a new kind of hero, replacing the fake superheroes of today, which rely more on bright costumes and cosmetic looks making superheroes look easy. Capes are out, you heard me? Bringing SLFE it to an end, is Home, a track talking about “the road after the Crossroads” and about the Afterlife, the lyrics being very deep where “home is just a place where you close your eyes.” All time traveling warriors will be paying tribute to Homunculus by the end of this one.

Sample It, Loop It, Fuck It, Eat It serves as a homage to the art of sampling, which on a commercial sense is dying out due to fears of copyright infringement, however in the underworld of music, the technique is alive and well and delivered in new ways which are innovative and fresh. Tracks lifted include video game soundtracks from obscure and underrated game classics, and all kinds of references I am not so familiar with, which kind of makes sampling a great form of promotion unconsciously advertising the sampled product, whether it be be song, movie, recording, etc. Lifting tracks and jacking beats are what started hip hop music back in New York City in the 70s when funk breaks were played on repeat while a MC would toast on the mic out in public. Years later it was a smash with a sample based track called “Rapper’s Delight” History lesson aside, sampling is a true art form where finding the right beat/element, and making it fit in your creations is like using colors on a paintbrush and using the right technique to make it part of your own canvas.

With that said, it’s time to go build a Homunculus where all the fake heroes can’t fuck with us. In the words of MagiTek.

The album is available as a free download off their website.
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Magitek- “Savage” 320kpbs

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2 Responses to Magitek- Sample It, Loop It, Fuck It, Eat It Album Review!

  1. Tyler says:

    What a great review! Really in-depth and interesting. I’m going to be doing some remixes of some tracks on this album and this review is only making me look forward to it even more!
    Big Ups to Quartz Relic for using innovative sounds!

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