Beach House- I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun

Hooray! Happy Holidays, this is a track from the critically acclaimed and utterly brilliant dream pop duo Beach House, who has had an incredible year and an equally incredible album “Teen Dream” for 2010. This track is kind of ironic, being that winter is terribly cold at times, and the sun is the one thing that makes us more willing to go outside at this time of year. Living in Florida, I do not relate too well to the snow and freezing cold temperatures of a place like Baltimore, Maryland where Beach House comes from. Anywho, the song continues where Teen Dream and their other two albums leave off, with a very sweet, organic lo-fi ambient pop song style which has brought Beach House where they are now. This is great for those winter days where it is just too cold to go outside. Goes well with some eggnog and hot chocolate. Do you still care for the winter sun?

Download the free track here.

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