Michael Cassette- “Ghost In The Machine” original cut

Michael Cassette is an upcoming trance artist, that sounds like he’s been in the game for over 20 plus years. From a tip from bigshot producer Deadmau5’s facebook page, I checked out some of Michael Cassette’s tunes today. I like the direction he is taking, having a very 80’s throwback style to his sound. It sounds almost ethereal. The unique thing I like about this, is that he manages to pull off the 80’s revival sound, quite well without sounding corny, or adding all the cheesy excesses found in this era of music. It also has very mild and subtle elements of modern electronic music production, from filter sweeps and delayed reverberated synths. Overall, it is a very strong effort, which tends to become overly repetitive at times, but not to the point where you become annoyed with it. Deadmau5 praised Michael’s work saying it was “one of the best thing’s he’s heard since Eric Prydz (I forgot what song it was, lol.) I wanted to thank the Mau5 for the hot tip, and I hope these two producers stick around for a while longer. Check it!

Michael Cassette- “Ghost In The Machine”
Michael Cassette on Facebook
Buy the album “Temporarity” on the Anjunabeats website!

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