Ke$ha- “Cannibal” Album Review

Blah! Blah! Blah! That’s pretty much what a lot of people think about 2009 mainstream pop music sensation “Ke$ha” who broke big on her chart-topping “Tik ToK” single, which ended up being one of the most downloaded tracks in recent history. Kudos.

A lot of you may be scratching your heads as to why I would review this album, when a majority of you have come to know me as one who supports the indie music community. Well, shame on you for being so elitist and narrow. I don’t promote elitism, and I’m a well rounded individual who likes all kinds of music! I like my silly songs every now and then too!

Getting to the point, “Cannibal” has no shortage of off the wall one-liners, and catchy pop hooks with cutting edge production to boot. She is popular amongst the people who only want to think when they absolutely have to, which is a majority of today’s population. Many will criticize her for not writing serious music, or for being a borderline novelty act. However, I just think she wants to write songs for the fun of writing them, and to have a line of employment which allows her to have fun. Who wants to work in an office anyways? That job is for the people who are afraid to go for what they really want in their lives.

Anyways, it’s a fun party album which talks about eating boys up on “Cannibal,” individuality “We R Who We R”, whiny dudes who act like chicks “Grow A Pear”, and so forth. Each song is fun, and silly. Someone like Ke$ha doesn’t really try to expand your horizons or educate you, she just wants to entertain you, and the album definitely does that. And no, I do not want to see your mangina.

Ke$ha- “Grow A Pear”
Get it on iTunes, I don’t think I really need to post a link to find this one.

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2 Responses to Ke$ha- “Cannibal” Album Review

  1. Kesha would be o.k. if her music wasn’t so annoying. That grow a pear song is funny though. I’ll give her that…

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