Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album review

Kanye’s had a year of ups and downs since the whole debacle about the VMA’s and Taylor Swift. I think it was staged as a publicity stunt, and they probably paid Kanye pretty well for him to do that on live TV.

After a year’s hiatus, Kanye comes back with a vengeance in “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Prior to the album’s release, Kanye leaked a track every week called “G.O.O.D Fridays” where a new song would come out, which a lot of the G.O.O.D. Friday tracks were not put on the album. No worries though, the album clocks in at about 70 minutes. A majority of the tracks on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy are well over the time length of a radio friendly song, “Runaway” comes in at over 9 minutes.

Getting to the point, everything on the album is just epic, and big. The drums, the orchestral arrangements, samples, and the guest stars are larger than live, and pack a very boastful punch. The album flows quite well with the sample based production where you can tell Kanye is punching these beats out from his MPC. The one liners on the album are classic too. From “Gorgeous” (For the same people trying to black ball me/ they forgot two things… my black balls.), All Of The Lights (referencing Michael Jackson and Kanye’s apparent take over as “The King”). Monster “You ever had sex with a pharaoh? Put the pussy in a sarcophagus, now she saying I’m bruising her esophagus.”, Hell Of A Life “Pussy and Religion is all I need.”, and many many more from the guest verses (Particularly Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross in “Monster” and Jay-Z on “So Appalled”) there is definitely a lot of quick hitters to give this album a much needed hip hop brawn to it, that was totally lacking in “808’s and Heartbreaks” from 2008. The part from Chris Rock at the end of “Blame Game” is too much, you just have to hear it, it’s totally worth listening to…

I really like all the songs on the album particularly “Lost In The World” which features Bon Iver, has a great pop styling to it, it makes you want to clap your hands and sing in Swahili like Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something,” “Who WIll Survive In America” brings a well thought out and calculated ending to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy questioning our roles as U.S. citizens and going back to The College Dropout and Late Registration days with the speech and narration at the end. Bravo Kanye, Bravo.

Now that’s POWER! This album is pretty good, one of my favorites from him, this one probably has the best flow from start to finish than his other records did.

Oh, I almost forgot, you gotta cop the Deluxe CD/DVD version for the 35 minute film Runaway… It’s very artistically driven like a Spike Jonze video. It’s trippy, elegant, and very much a Kanye kinda film. It accompanies the album well.

Kanye West- Gorgeous feat. Kid CuDi and Raekwon
Get this album on iTunes! The tags on this video are really stupid, but then again hip hop culture on the internet is an entirely different animal altogether.

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