Mark Ronson and The Business Intl.- Somebody To Love Me (Holy Ghost remix)

Mark Ronson is a name that automatically spells out cocky big shot music producer and big time business man. Everything about the guy just sounds epic and over the top. I wasn’t even really much of a fan during the Amy Winehouse buzz period, or even when he released “Version” which is a straight up funk-soul pop block party filled with more guests than a Lil Jon record.

What got me into listening to Mark Ronson’s tunes, was the switch to the classic retro pop sound of the 1980s, and just creating fun music all around. At the time I was hard at work on my Sunset Beach EP, which I released in July 2010. Being influenced by artists like La Roux, Chromeo and Mark Ronson, I sought to make a throwback record which made music fun to listen to again. With the release of his single “Bang! Bang! Bang!” (featuring Q-Tip and MNDR) I was impressed with the pseudo japanese game show look, meets Kraftwerk style of the video, even the big beat sounding drums got to me. Record Collection, Ronson’s third album shows no shortage of such tomfoolery.

This remix of Somebody To Love Me (featuring Boy George) was posted on Ronson’s facebook page earlier today. This gave me the opportunity to review something that was fresh off the press, and available as an exclusive track for Facebook fans. This remix from Holy Ghost is quite icy, and has a fun nu-disco appeal to it filled with filter sweeps and catchy vocals, perfect for the synthesizer throwback revival in which the demand curve is moving back upwards.

Check it out, and if you like it get Ronson’s album. It is a fun record which still carries on in the tradition of an indie block party which almost sounds too good to be true. Oh and Mark’s pompadour is tight. Support an artist and buy the album on iTunes, Amazon, or your local independent CD store.

Mark Ronson and The Business Intl.- Somebody To Love Me (Holy Ghost remix) 320kpbs
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-Chris Big Money

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