Welcome to the Butter Yo Bread Blog!

Chris Big Money checking in.

I want to try my hand at blogging.  It is something I used to do a few years ago, and now I want to get back into it once again.  I also wanna review albums, and things I find online, and with what my friends discover.  Umm, this is relatively new for me, and I have a very tight schedule, so I’d like to get some other people involved on this if possible.  I wanna make this fun.  Blogs should be fun, I see a lot of potential in this new “blogosphere” which has dawned upon us.

I mainly want to use this site to promote all the weird music I find, that most of my friends don’t care for.  I love it!  Ummm I also wanna clearly state, that when I review albums, I don’t believe in a number score or a 4/5 stars sort of deal.  I hate the fact that the world we live in today is driven by numbers.  Popularity is driven by number of plays/views, work performance is driven by those who sell the most, Kids are admitted into colleges via their GPA scores, the higher the better.  I want to protest that fact of life.  I hate this number driven society we are living in, so I do not want to use numbers.  Just note, if I post about it, then it may just be something worth checking out.  😀

Another fun feature of the album reviews will be the “Pretentious Phrase” which is a little idea I came up with to say something about the album being reviewed in such obscure vernacular (vocabulary), to the point it becomes comical, but very true about the particular album being reviewed.  You know to poke a little fun at those sophisticated kids you see at coffee shops with their member’s only jackets and Shakespeare books.  With that that being said…

Get the lotion, you’re gonna need it… BUTTER YO BREAD!


About butteryobread

BUTTER YO BREAD! A PLACE TO GET YOUR BREAD BUTTERED! BRING THE LOTION! Writing about music, art, and anything else which makes you wanna butter some bread!
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One Response to Welcome to the Butter Yo Bread Blog!

  1. Hi! Be sure to read the first album review below. 🙂

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