Electric Type “Peaches EP”

PRETENTIOUS PHRASE: “Our Romeo Comes With Open Arms For His Fair Maiden Juliet Offering A Peach For Her Embrace.”

“Girl You Know I Love Ya, So I Got You Some Peaches.” It’s a single off my Pennsylvania buddy Electric Type’s new record “Style Is Bright.” Coming from his style of brightness, comes a quick, fun EP with repeated listening capabilities simply titled the “Peaches EP.” It’s ripe and chock full of goodies for the harvest season.

Basically, this is a four-track hit it, quit it, do it again, kind of release. You know like the kind of chick you have a one night stand with, but you call her back a week later kind of thing. Friends with benefits. Much like my friendship with Electric Type minus the stuff about the chick lmao. No homo. We support each other’s music so much, yet we have yet to meet in person. However with the internet, social media, and collaborative technology, all kinds of shit is possible.

Moving onto the musical content of this release, there are three remixes and the original cut from the Electric One himself. The Electric Type name is actually inspired from his love of Pokemon and all that is in the PokeUniverse. First is my remix The “I Heart Peaches” remix, which is practically a cut n paste affair of chopped up vocal phrasing with emotional arpeggiated chord progressions climaxing at a Daft Punk inspired breakbeat session in the middle. Then there’s the Fat Boris remix, which is a catchy pop melancholia reminiscent of a late nineties Madonna song, back when she was incorporating more rock elements into her sound. It’s quite catchy, and keeps the quirkiness of the original cut of “Peaches.” Getting into the original cut, we have something that could very easily fit a Pokemon video game soundtrack. If there was a Pokemon Trainers Dance Club, then this song would definitely be a banger amongst the legions of PokeBall Masters. I don’t think I really need to go much further than that do I? Lastly, we have the Paul McGranite remix, which closes off the EP quite magnificently. The song quickly builds with minimal style drum beats, and rising synths which layer quite nicely to create an ambient pop song reminiscent of MGMT meshed with the Postal Service. The vocals are also blended into the track and drenched with delays, sounding much like Robert Smith in his heyday. Quite a psychedelic remix, which brings closure to the EP.

So yeah, listen to this shit. Who doesn’t like Peaches? (I am a fan of both the fruit and the artist of the same name.) Note to all readers, I plan on reviewing the full length album, “Style Is Bright” at a later time. This should serve as a free teaser to Mr. Electric Type’s full length LP. It’s kinda like foreplay when making out with your girlfriend/boyfriend kinda thing. It’s fun, and you’ll be sure to do it again.

(EP Cover done by Chris Big Money)

Electric Type- “Peaches” (Original) 320kpbs
Get The “Peaches EP” here.
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-Chris Big Money

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