Tech0l0gy4MC3- “Lost”

PRETENTIOUS PHRASE: “The Soliloquy of Baroque Dreamscapes In Counterpart Of Time Paradoxes and Shift Paradigms Conficating Your Precious Adolescence.”

“Fall to the ground, fall to the ground. Uh, what, what did you want me to say?” These are some lyrics from the mysterious new-comer “Tech0l0gy4MC3”, who is entering today’s music scene with very different expectations from the current wave of musicians, who are obsessed with perfection and high quality recordings, seamlessly mastered to sound good in a 50,000 capacity stadium or a beat up alarm clock radio speaker system. Tech0l0gy is a friend of mine, we go back to my high school years, as I was a misfit looking to fit in with the “alternative” clique of characters that roamed our high school. I remember the day I met Tech0l0gy, when he was wearing a Winn Dixie employee shirt and matching red pants. His speech drawl, lazy eye, abrasive sense of humor and raw (quite literally) sense of swagger made it quite obvious he wasn’t one to work for such a chain of talking heads, like Winn Dixie. Enough with that, let’s get on with why he’s on this blog.

Tech0l0gy4MC3’s debut album “Lost” is one that is very different with the ideology of what it is to make a record now a days. There is a very minimal sense to the production, including minimal expectations for its post-release performance and the promotional plan… little to none at all. Even the name has no real deep meaning behind it, “it just sounded cool.” Upon speaking to Tech0l0gy via telephone, he explained that his album “Lost” is one which makes the listener feel lost in their own world, the (home-made) monster eating the rose on it’s very intentionally rudimental album cover is symbolic of the world and society eating away your childhood and you (the rose) not being ready for it. You can say society has a bearing effect on all of us particularly Tech0l0gy, whose real name is actually Malckom.

“Lost” is a short collection of songs, which have some very interesting production techniques applied to them. First, upon listening to the open track “Where am i” you are thrusted into a world of darkness, and despair quickly looking all around you to see where the hell you were just sent. The repetitions of it, build a gaping, spooky atmosphere which abruptly ends to “colour” which features a unsyncopated drum pattern with digitally manipulated chipmunk vocals driving a story of sweeping synths and pulsating 808 drums. The whole album goes in a pattern of colorful ambient soundscapes, like “Dream scape”, self pity anthems which question authority figures and parents alike “Hate”, and Gregorian chant ensembles “darker days.” Closing out the 21 minute record, we have “Black Void” which is probably the most accessible track, with an unsyncopated jazz/downtempo drum pattern accompanied by a standup-jazz bass line paired with icy reverbed-out vocals. The piano chords at the end of “Black Void” bring a light to the end of the tunnel for a climatic finish of sorts, from an enigmatic artist like Tech0l0gy4MC3.

To understand this record, you need to forget about anything you may expect of modern music production, or the rule book about quantizing your drum patterns. It’s simplicity is beautiful , and makes it quite unique. Matter of fact it makes you think back about your childhood, and makes you question yourself… “Are You Ready”? “Fall to the ground, Fall to the ground.”

“Lost” is available for free download. Feel free to contact Malckom here, and provide him some encouragement and feedback. He didn’t intend for me to write this review, but I said I wanted to. He wanted to stress the idea of making music for fun, and he didn’t even intend to really promote the album much. This is just me showing love for a friend of mine. Here is his Facebook.

Tech0l0gy4MC3- “Dreamscape” 192kbps mp3
Tech0l0gy4MC3 “Lost” album download here.

-Chris Big Money

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2 Responses to Tech0l0gy4MC3- “Lost”

  1. I just downloaded this EP! It’s a lot different than the music that I usually search out and spin in my decks, but sometimes it’s good to listen to something new and different and dark. There’s so many solid musical ideas in this album that just draw you in. Good work Tech0l0gy4MC3!

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